What Cuts Do I Want?



Super soft with a smooth flavor that melts in your mouth.



Full of smooth buttery flavor and big enough to fill you up. This is our number 1 seller.

Strip Steak


My personal favorite. It’s soft and has a slightly smoother flavor than the ribeye. Not to big and not too small.



Great for anything. Once you try our ground and see how soft it is you’ll never want regular Angus again.



Amazing to slow cook. Your guests will rave at your next BBQ.

Flat Iron


A great mix of marbling and texture, the Flat Iron can become a family favorite. Low and slow cooking for this one.



Great for family dinners. The Roast is juicy and tinder.

Short Rib


Another great BBQ dish to wow your guests.

Prime Rib


One of the best cuts that contains amazing flavors, smooth finishes, tinder meat, more than enough to fill a whole family.

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